Grace's 9/10 Month Update.

WOW! 10 Months. I know I do this every month, but it really is going so quick. I have already started planning her 1st birthday. (It makes me want to cry just thinking about how much she's growing up)

Grace can finally roll over properly. Front to back, back to front.
It's amazing. She's been doing it for a while now. One day she just could do it, and now there is no stopping her.
Crawling is still a work in progress. She shuffles backwards on her belly, and she can do 360 turns! The most movement she does is the bum shuffle, although it's not a full bum shuffle. I'm crossing my fingers that she will soon be fully on the move, however I am also dreading the fact that I while have to baby proof my whole house!

Grace getting up to no good.

Weaning is still going amazingly well, I couldn't ask for a better eater. She really does like everything. Finger food is going slightly less better, she has tried little sandwiches, which she mushed into her high chair, among a variety of other things. She still seems to be exploring the food shall we say, rather that eating it, but it's all a learning process I guess.

Talking! Well babbling. She can say Dada, Nana, doggy and we are currently working on Ellie, who is her cousin. Still no sign of mummy. She's obviously waiting for a special occasion, or something!

But it is the little things I've enjoyed in the past 2 months.

Going in a big girl trolley for the first time.

Trying on cool sunglasses.

Getting into everything and anything.

Grace is doing amazingly well, and I couldn't ask for a more perfect little girl. She is constantly smiling and giggling. Her cheeky smile melts my heart everyday, I am proud to be her mummy.

I Love You Gracie.

Laura x


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