It's Been A While.

So it's been a while, Grace has well and truly taken over.
We have had a lot happen over the past month.
Unfortunately both my great grandparents passed away at the start of March, within a week of each other, it was a sad time, and I am truly grateful that Grace got to meet them both. They both lived long and happy loves, it was wonderful having the 5 generations within our family, even if it was only for a short time.
On a lighter note, Grace is doing amazing. I will do her 8 month update and fill you in on everything she's been doing. At the minute she is a happy baby girl, who is totally obsessed with her daddy.

I have also recently decided that I will not be returning to work. I don't think I ever told you all what I did for a living, I was a supervisor in a clothing store in a huge shopping centre.
At the minute it is not right for our family, and if I'm honest it isn't worth the money. I would spend more money going back to work, what with fuel for the car, the cost of a baby sitter and the constant temptation of buying more clothes, that I don't really need, we would be better off if I stay home, and I'm not going to lie, I couldn't be happier. Who wouldn't want to stay home with their baby? The thought of having to give my baby to someone else, while I go out to work is heartbreaking, and I am glad that for the time being I won't have to do that.

I now have to go and sort out a crazy baby.

Laura x


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