Grace's First Easter.

This Easter was Grace's first. We don't celebrate Easter for the religious reasons, we just celebrate it in the chocolate giving way.
Easter Sunday we didn't really do much. We ate chocolate and went to the pub in the afternoon to meet up with Brews family.
Grace with her bunny ears on
Bank holiday Monday was the fun day! Up at our local working men's club, they hold an annual Easter party for the kids, they have games, music an Easter bonnet competition and of course Easter eggs. A few weeks earlier I had started making Grace and my niece Ellie's Easter bonnets. It took me and my sister a total of 3 hours to do them, although I did keep adding bits and bobs to them. I couldn't help it. Here is the finished product.
Grace in her Easter bonnet, pulling a funny face.
All mine and my sisters hard work paid off, because Grace won first prize! She won an Easter egg and £10! WooHoo.
We all had an amazing Easter bank holiday, and I am looking forward to the next one so I can do a bit more with Grace. Maybe an Easter egg hunt!
Grace must have had a lovely day, because she slept for ages when we got home, and me and Brew really did enjoy ourselves. We now have Easter eggs to demolish, the perks of having a baby that can't really eat too much chocolate. YUM!
Laura x


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