Grace's 8 Month Update

Grace is 8 months old! How did this happen?
I honestly can not believe how much she is learning and growing, it is so exciting, but at the same time it breaks my heart a little to know that my little baby is growing up.
So in her last update we had started weaning her, and it is going great. She pretty much loves everything I have offered her. The only thing that she turned her nose up at was a pouch of fish pie, honestly it smelt horrid, but I've offered it her twice now and both times she has refused to eat it. Grace is having more textured food now and she seems fine with it, although we have had the occasional gypping incident.
Grace is loving finger food at the minute, I haven't tried her with to many different things as I want her to get used to chewing food first before I bombard her with too much. She has had baby crisps, rusks, banana, and baby biscuits. It's so far so good, she's loved everything, so we are hoping we've got a good eater on our hands.
Now, Grace does not like being on her belly in the day time, she still cries and kicks when I put her on her front, but every time we check her in the night she is on her belly with her bum in the air! I have been rolling her back onto her back, but the next time we check her she is on her belly again, so we just leave her like that now. Yesterday though I finally caught her rolling over, but this was from her belly to her back. I was in shock, I couldn't believe it. I had come to the conclusion, that I was never going to see her roll over, and she was some sort of secret roller over, but she finally did it! I am still to see her go from back to belly properly. She can pretty much get all the way over, but her little arm gets stuck and she just flips straight back over. It has put my mind at rest a little as I was getting slightly worried that she still hadn't rolled over yet.
Other than that Grace is coming on amazingly. She can pick up the tiniest of things, which means I should clean up more often, but it does show that her motor skills are getting better. She can sit up unaided for as long as she wants now. Grace still sleeps through the night, which I could not be more happier about. She gets roughly anything from 12-16 hours per night! How I would kill to get that much sleep. She squeals, screams, shouts all the good stuff and she has just started saying baba! I know it's not really a word, but it's the beginnings of amazing things, I'm sure.
I think that's pretty much everything.
Laura x


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