Weaning with Grace.

We started weaning G last week, and my god does she love real food. She is only 5 months old, but she was showing all the right signs that she was ready for the real deal. 
We started her off on Organix baby rice, just for lunch, which she was so interested in, for the first few days, but I could tell she wanted something abit more exciting. So we tried her with Organix strawberry & banana porridge, and she loved it!
She could not get enough of it.
Now we are in the second week, she is having food for breakfast & lunch. We have introduced fruit purée. She loves the Ella's Kitchen banana purée & the apple purée. 
For now she's content with what we are giving her, but soon I'm sure she will be ready for some more interesting flavours! I can't wait. I'm a little too excited about giving her real food!

Here is a lovely pic of Grace eating her porridge this afternoon. 

She's too cute

Laura x


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