Christmas With The Bell's

I absolutely love Christmas.
It is by far my favourite holiday of the year, and this year (last year) was a very, VERY, special one, because our beautiful little girl Grace was here. 

Our Christmas Day began with little Gracie waking us up with her usual giggles and smiles. We then went downstairs to see if Santa had been. He had! And Grace had been well and truly spoilt rotten. We managed to get this picture of her just at the right time.

How happy does she look?

We opened Gracie's presents (as much as I wanted her to open them herself, it just was not happening, wrapping paper in her mouth!)
During the present opening my grandma came to visit, with more presents for Grace. Many cuddles later, me, Brew & Grace popped to see my dad and my many sisters and brother, and again little G was spoilt with cuddles & presents, although I'm not complaining, Grace was loving all the attention, and I was loving the mini break from motherhood! 
A 2 minute drive later and we arrived at Brew's mum & dads. And you guessed it! More presents and a hell of a lot of cuddles. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner with marks family, and chilled out on the sofa.
Back home, and my mum came to see us with the kids (although they aren't so much kiddies anymore). Finally after a lovely day all 3 of us were tucked up in bed. 
Our Christmas was amazing, and all that I ever imagined it would be.
I am so looking forward to this Christmas, I may just explode with excitement. 

Laura x


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